Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Price Match

這個Xmas沒買什麼,除了一些本來就要買的電子產品,還用了兩次Price match。
大部分的店家都也這種policy,只要你能show出比他們便宜的價錢,他們就可以給你一樣的價錢,減掉10%的差價。For example, I see something in Futurehsop that sells for $70, and Bestbuy only sells for $30. I can go to Futureshop to do a price match and get it for only $26 (an extra 10% of 70-30 off). Here is how you do it:

1. Do some intensive research online on what you want, and who sells it.
2. Make sure the stores sell identical products.
3. Go to the one that sells it at the HIGHEST price. Note: matching between big stores is easier because they usually have bigger price difference.
4. Find the product you want and take it to a staff telling him you found a price lower than this and ask if you can do a price match
5. Get a puzzling face from the staff. He will ask you to show him the price, so go to the website and show him that you are right.
6. He will say ok we can do it, and attempts to checkout for you. Usually it takes some time because he doesn't know how to do it. Wait patiently with a smile on your face and ask politely if many people do this. He will say no. This can hopefully relief the awkwardness while waiting.
7. He finally figures it out and prices it at what you have shown him. Now you will notice that he does not give you the extra 10% price difference off. What a noob, but let's forgive him.
8. Be strong and ask him politely if theres an extra 10% off. He will suddenly remember it or go ask other staff.
9. He will then try to make some calculation to figure out how much 10% difference is. Help him with the calculation. Be patient and smile if he can't get it right. And yes, you do want the extra discount no matter how small it is, it's the pride of consumers.
10. He finally got the price right. Pay for it, and thank him for the endeavor he goes through.

It's extra fun when you do price match between Bestbuy and Futureshop.


karenkuo said...

they are basically the same company.

單細胞的困惑 said...

yup thats the fun part!!