Monday, October 17, 2005

its been 6 months since my last post
and its quite interesting looking back at the posts

alot has happened in this short period of time
alot more than i expected
as a result, i have revised my plan for good

I can go on and talk for hours abt wut i did in the summer but i think thats not wut u r looking for. What are you looking for? The reason u read my post is that u want to get sth out of it if im not mistaken. You may be hoping to get some inspiration for ur paper, amusement for long hrs of studying, or any other reasons, i dont know.

Now, lets expand the scope of the question to your life.

What are you looking for?

let me say it again.
What are you looking for?

Think about the things you must accomplish in your lifetime, or the lifestyle you desire.

Do you have an answer?

If you do, that's great, you already know where you want to go.

If not, you owe yourself an answer.
And no, its not OK if you don't have an answer.
It is a difficult question, but you know too well it's an important one.

I urge you to come up with your answer, starting right now.
You have put it off for more or less 20 years, it's about time you get it done.


Jessica Klarkson said...
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cuddlie said...

Wow! Glad to see a new post from you and it's very inspiring!

And no. I don't think I know the answer to your question for myself... have been thinking about it but never found a definite answer...

And I guess this has nothing with the point you are trying to make, but I don't think people reading blog posts necessarily want to get something out of it... at least for me it's just become part of my daily routine... :P

I'm very happy that I finally got your receipts for ya... thank you for being so patient ah... :)

Bri-an C said...

I used to have a goal.
"A goal of making this society better"
But since I start taking APSC 261, Technology and Society, I am kinda lost.....
What I can do for this world seems to be too small to make a difference!
I think I have become very pessimistic.

單細胞的困惑 said...

great! good thing that u took ur effort to think abt qustions like this
i know how u feel. ive been through that and in fact im still constantly revising my plan
hope u find ur answer soon

great goal u hav
we can do that together!
apsc261? donno abt that course
lets talk abt it next time!
im sure ur pessimism is only temperary

LiCia said...

Oh wow!I thought you quit this blog already. Yes,it's really interesting to look back at your posts as I already said,but please don't screw the environment!

touchfish said...

As a person with disfigured mind,
from time to time the goal of blow up the earth and end all human kind and end all suffering and return everything back to zero which is equal does come back to me.
I'm not kidding, at those moments i really wish that.

However, the reality is i'm too lazy and will never lay my hands on enough neuclear weapons or explosive to wipe out everything clean and fast and painlessly.

In a way, that thought can be explain as my "goal" to escape reality. (ie. fantasy)

Back to reality,
basically, i want to find a motivation.
a thing that drives me,
a thing that i'm extremely unlikely to get tired of,
or get lazy on.

in another word,
i want to know what i truly want.
not just the normal thing of get a girl, get a job that paid decently...etc.
Of course i want those,
but i seek the thing that serve me a purpose.

a purpose that served more like a hobby, but not normal hobby like collecting stamps ...etc.

LE used to be something almost near to what i seek,
but it's changing, and i lost most of my passion over it.

Some how i sound like a drug addict. hmm..

anyways, that's my answer.

i guess i sorta translate the question "what are you looking for?" into what's your goal and what do you want... which shouldn't be that far off.

btw, you never really did say what you want though?