Thursday, March 31, 2005


ok i think its time to say sth since i havent said anything for a long time.. and my blog is starting to look abandoned

認識我的都應該知道 im somewut passionate abt the environment and stuff
when ppl ask me y i study chem eng, i say i wanna save the world
i usually say that just for the comedy effect (for some reason its strangly humorous)
but it is in fact the only reason y i study wut im studying

big dream eh?
so idealistic while so unrealistic
but i just think that -
knowing that i may very possibly fail is not an excuse for not trying

coz there r so many ideas floating around
i would love it if i could cover all but its just not possible
maybe if u r interested u can just ask me in person..
damn it its hard to put ideas in words

lets start with "waste"
as in garbage, electricity, water, and any of the resources
i think most ppl already understand the concept im goin to talk abt, but some might not
first of all, i want to say that i hate ppl who force me into believing wut they think is right
so im here just trying to convey these ideas, and u can decide if u want to keep them.

for any fossil fuel, once u burn it its not coming back
electricity is not very much different because a great portion of electricity is generated by non-renewable sources like natural gas, coal, nuclear and others (there r few more important ones but i forgot)

for plastic and other non-decomposible materials like styrofoam, once u use it, its gonna be in the landfill for a freaking long time.

enough with the lecture, here is my point:
it doesnt matter if it cost u 50 dollar or 5 cents, the gas u burned will not come back, and the bento box u used will remain long after u r gone.
the price tag does not mean everything, coz the theory of economics usually neglects environmental impacts

it makes me wonder when i c ppl use ugly, toxic styrofoam rather than regular, washable plates. when i ask them, they say "oh it costs the same" or "oh it costs only 10 cents more". but.. OMFG, if it costs the same, y would u use it at the expense of the ecosystem, and if it costs more.. plz enlight me.. i have no idea y u would do that (except if u hav serious 潔癖)
some ppl also like to turn on comps 24/7 and let them idle. electricity only seems clean because u don c exhaust smoke coming out of ur appliance. the smoke and pollutant are generated at power plants, but u just dont c it. thats the reason y ppl ought to 節約用電, not coz u waste money. in fact, i don care if u r broke paying for electric bills.

if u do not agree, its cool
but plz dont act certain way simply coz im around.. that would make u a phony

phew thats all for today


Bri-an C said...

I agree with u~~
But sometimes I am just too lazy to do the "right things"....
But can chemical engineering really help to improve the enviroment?
And is there any other engineering which can do the same thing? because i really don't like chem...

KuKi said...

my gosh....

very philosophical here...

lemme try to understand ur logic^^

i admire you tho - tough guy you are!

touchfish said...

haven't seen one of these for a while~~^^ ( i swear to god i am not being sarcastic. This thing just reminded me to think once again why i use stuff the way i do.)

i think i know everything u typed before i seen you blog. I've done what i think i can, but there are things.. that are simply not high enoguh in my priority list for me do to soo.

Amazingly, your entry on this remind me so much about the hotpot we just had. All those paper plate and stuff.

Sad thing about all these is.. i do have a cleaning fuss about my own plate, but i don't want to provide and clean up everybody's mess(plate + utensils) simply because there are ~20 ppl in my house. At most i can do is clean up the public ones.. plates that are shared among ppl.

These being said. I repsect your efforts of environment-friendly action. So, for everyone who's reading this. If you guys think you will come to my house often enough and have meal and stuff.
You guys are all welcome to place a set of utensils and cup(especially cups, my hands are a bit too wide for a lot of cups) at my house. Everytime you guys can use your own, and clean it up afterward. I can even clean up a shalf just for you guys to place those. I think... so far only enol and zoe place cups at my place@@.

Somehow got this weird feeling that my house is like an elementry school classroom..

單細胞的困惑 said...

yea "be a man and do the right thing"
its just a concept i guess
it can be applied to any disipline actually
think of it as a large scale project
i think keeping the idea in mind is good enough

haha good luck trying to figure out
i hav messy logic~

ohh sweet u wrote so much

yea abt the hotpot we had..
i know wut u mean. i hate washing dishes too, especially if i didnt use them. i actually used a disposible cup myself that night. hmm.. didnt really think abt it, guess i couldve borrowed a cup from u. (plate im not too worried, they r made of paper, and trees will grow back)

i think its abt how much we r willing to giv up. sometimes we choose convenience because the alternative really sucks, and the cost is the same or very little.
so basically it all depends on:
$$, ur time, and the environment

currently there arent many options,
but public opinion will certainly change it. so we should probably just make some changes to our behaviour, tell others, and not feel guilty for every piece of plastic we throw into garbage (coz life is too short to be sorry abt every little thing)

(hey.. this is starting to look like another entry instead of a reply..)

so.. in conclusion
ill bring my plate and cup next time (donno when that would be though)